FOFR - Piece and Express Shipments

One-off and regular domestic shipments in a highly efficient distribution system

Pallet and piece shipments including express, oversized and ADR shipments.

Current info on fuel prices

Dear friends,
Under the unprecedented pressure of constantly rising fuel prices, we are forced to respond to this situation.
From January 2022 to date, the price of diesel has increased by 25%. Fuel accounts for almost 50% of our costs. The price of diesel is changing so rapidly that it is not in our power to incorporate its increase into the price lists.
In order to continue to operate our service in the same quality and scope, it is essential that we start charging our customers a fuel surcharge.

We would like to point out that this surcharge will “flow” through the tanks of our cars and our society will not benefit from it. We start to charge it according to the table of 9.3.2022. The source of the average diesel price is from the Czech Statistical Office

The fuel surcharge is calculated from the basic transport rate without VAT.

FOFR is synonymous with efficient transport

We are part of an association of 8 renowned logistic companies. Within the FOFR system, ROLINE provides services national transport in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Piece and pallet shipments

A sophisticated system of collection transport in the mode of transport modules. Standard and non-standard pallets.

Oversized, small and ADR shipments

We also transport shipments that other carriers will not accept. Parcels of 1-50 kg, maximum of 3m lenght, oversized shipments up to 6 m. Goods in strict ADR safety mode.

Express transport

Transportation with guaranteed delivery time within 24 hours throughout the Czech Republic, within 48 hours to Slovakia. Follow-up on foreign shipments.

Client application

Non-stop track and trace information on the movement of goods. Individual price lists.

FOFR - Sales Department

We are sure to find an efficient solution for your transport requirements.
Marcela Gavalierová
Business Manager

Shipment Tracking

Information on the movement of goods via the Netspedition app

Ordering via web form

Simple and efficient system You order, we ship.

Convenient transport modules

Discounted price lists for long-term partners

Delivery Security 3

CMR Insurance

With insurance coverage up to 100 ths CZK and the option of additional insurance

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