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ROLINE company:

Establish cooperation

We are sure to find an efficient solution for your transport requirements.
Zdeněk Achberger
Sales Manager
Our partners cooperate with us for the long term.

In the dynamic and turbulent environment of the automotive industry, you need reliable and flexible partners. For us, Roline Internationale Spedition, s.r.o. and their services meet these requirements 100%. The proof lies in the many years of mutual and developing cooperation.

Due to the nature and atypical dimensions of our products, we also place great demands on our partners, including the carriers. ROLINE INTERNATIONALE SPEDITION s.r.o. is our long-standing partner in transport, especially for their flexible and professional approach. Reliability, their commitment and mutual respect with emphasis on our needs is and has always been the basis of our excellent cooperation.

Miroslav Foriška
Warehouse supervisor

When selecting a logistics partner, long-term cooperation that makes sense for both parties is essential for us. This is because we require flexibility and solutions for the entire logistics process. Moreover, cooperation always requires gaining knowledge and awareness of the customer’s process and this is not possible without a proactive approach on the part of the supplier. We are glad that we chose ROLINE – they not only meet our requirements and expectations, but also proactively help us to manage unexpected situations so that we can get everything done and satisfy our customers.

ROLINE History

Jan Peths
General Manager, Vorwerk CS

ROLINE History

The foundations of our company were laid in April 1989 in the then Czechoslovak Socialist Republic.  Mr. Martin Záboj, the founder and owner of ROLINE, gained his experience on the road while providing domestic road transport behind the wheel of a Š 706 truck. Still in 1989, two semi-trailers of Czechoslovak origin were added. Today, ROLINE INTERNATIONALE SPEDITION s.r.o. is an organisation that provides international transport throughout the whole of Europe. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of logistics services including shipping and air transport and has its own extensive fleet of vehicles. It offers logistics and distribution solutions in several locations in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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