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    Commercial Department

    Jan Motlík, DiS.

    Business Manager

    Marcela Gavalierová

    Business Manager

    Karin Damane

    France Specialist

    Air And Sea Transport

    Zdeněk Achberger

    Department Manager


    Jan Motlík, DiS.

    Department Manager

    František Pokora

    Chief Managing Clerk

    Veronika Zíková

    Business Support

    Pavel Kriško

    Business Support

    Ing. Marcela Mikulášková

    Managing Clerk

    Simona Serafinová

    Managing Clerk

    Domestic Truck Transport

    Karel Slanař

    Junior Dispatcher

    FOFR - Courier Service

    Logistics and Warehouse

    Jan Motlík, DiS.

    Business Manager

    Jitka Vykysalá

    Manager of the Cerhovice Warehouse

    Petr Beneš

    Manager of the Cheb Warehouse

    Jan Pechek

    Manager of Logistics

    Vehicle Service

    Miroslav Kočka

    Service Manager

    Josef Novák

    Admission Technician

    Sergej Šiller

    Admission Technician

    Vehicle Wash

    Car&Truck Wash

    Company Administration

    Ing. Martin Záboj jr., MBA


    Ing. Denisa Zábojová

    Financial Manager

    Tereza Hrubá

    Head of Invoicing

    Mgr. Dalibor Kočka

    Chief Clerk, Fleet Management

    Zdeněk Piloušek

    Driver Trainer

    Bc. Adéla Gužalovičová

    Driver Acquisition

    0 mil
    covered by Roline trucks and vehicles every year
    qualified employees
    taking care of
    shipments 24/7
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    we transport for you
    every year
    own vehicles
    in the Roline
    company fleet

    +420 733 166 027

    Mo - Fri 8:00 - 17:00

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