Who is Roline?

ROLINE INTERNATIONALE SPEDITON Ltd. realizes that the success of any company is unthinkable without satisfied and motivated employees.

We provide our employees with:

  • Systematic growth in their skills and knowledge
  • Specialized training and seminars
  • Motivation assessment
  • Pleasant working environment of a family-owned business

OUR VALUES: tradition, security, decency, quality

Since 1989 we have been striving to be a good employer and company where it pays to work.

  • Honest work
  • Honest dealings
  • Honest evaluations
  • The right equipment

How do you know if you have the right stuff to become a member of the Roline team? If you’re a team player, you’ve got what it takes, are an honest person and understand personal responsibility, then don’t hesitate to arrange a personal meeting with us.

We have job opportunities on an ongoing basis for reliable and honest dispatchers, warehouse operators and truckers of international haulage to destinations in Germany, Austria, Benelux, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland for our two dispatching centers:

Rudná u Prahy, K Vypichu 1303 (hall 8)  or v Chebu, Karlovy Vary 38

You are certainly welcome! Do not hesitate to contact us.


Zdeněk Piloušek                                                   Lucie Štěpánková
+420 603 884 729                                                +420 606 622 235