What OUR EMPLOYEES say about us

What our drivers say to the question:

What do you think of when you say Roline?“

  • „Good interpersonal relations between management and driver. I like the owner’s style and how they treat the drivers."

    Václav, Roline pilot since 2010

  • „I’m happy to be in the company. The interaction between people seems quite personal to me“

    Honza, Roline since 2014

  • „Quality, honesty, my work

       Áda, Roline pilot since 2001

  • „The pay comes regularly. Nice vehicles and uniforms for the drivers. I know what work I will do beforehand, so I can plan for it“

    Tomáš, Roline pilot since 2008

  • „There’s only one Roline! There’s still plenty of fans here!“

    Zdeněk, Roline pilot since 2001

  • „Years of experience, great facilities, management works together with drivers“

        Radek, Roline pilot since 2011

  • „Management available to employees, technology and service, solving problems, the possibility for growth and learning. Location and diversity, a personal approach, training and the possibility of discussion."

    Petr, Roline pilot since 2012

  • „Human touch. Driving is a job I enjoy.“

        Honza, Roline pilot since 2014

  • „We have our own service and that’s a big plus. Cooperation with dispatching.“

    Sergej, Roline pilot since 2009

  • „Excellent communication with dispatchers and management.“

    Petr, Roline pilot since 2014